Xi Shi

Design: HUANG Cui-Feng
Embroidery: RAO Bi-You
Time: Unknown
Dimension: 58×27×64 cm
The Double-sided Disparate Embroideries are all Xiang Embroideries from Hunan. Xi Shi Huan Sha (Xi Shi Washes Yarn) is a collaborative work designed by Huang and embroidered by Rao, exhibiting the unrivaled elegance of this beauty in Yue and her dismay after admitted into the Wu palace. Xi Shi “as the lady at the riverside in the morning” was no doubt a fair lady with her graceful figure by the clear stream and willow despite her shabby clothing. On the other side of the piece, “as the concubine in Wu Palace in the dusk” veiled behind layers of curtains, Xi Shi, sitting within the luxurious Wu Palace, frowns slightly alone with candles almost burning out to keep her company. The two artists instilled their mind and energy to create this masterpiece with their extraordinary intelligence and artistic sensitivity.