Hong-Gah Museum

Hong-Gah Museum was formally opened to the public in 1999. With exhibitions, campaigns, inter-disciplinary performances, and so forth, the Museum provides an art appreciation venue of quality as well as sows seeds of art for the local community. Having opened for more than 20 years, the Museum received its membership as one of the Local Cultural Museums of Ministry of Culture in 2003
Furthermore, the Museum has been recognized many times with “Arts & Business Awards” and “Taipei Culture Award”. Hong-Gah Museum has long been devoting itself to educational courses and lectures to promote aesthetic education in the community. On top of that, it serves as a platform for the showcase of contemporary art via regular themed events such as the biennale “Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition” and solo exhibitions of artists from home and abroad. Hong-Gah Museum expects itself to be the starting point of profound art cultivation, through the promotion of community culture, elevating the spiritual life of the public and ultimately demonstrating local community’s cultural landscape in warmth and of humanity.

Hong-Gah Chronicles

1999 Hong-Gah Museum officially opened to the public on October 25th.
2003 Became an official member of the Local Cultural Museums of the Council of Cultural Affairs.
2004 Co-founded “Vision and Beyond – Techno Art Creation Project” with the National Culture and Arts Foundation.
2008 Relocated to its current location on the 11th floor of the Huan-Yu Trade Building.
2008 Established the Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition.
2010 Co-organized the “Curator’s Incubator Program @ Hong-Gah Museum” with the National Culture and Arts Foundation.
2010 Held artist Chou Yu-Cheng’s solo exhibition “TOA Lighting” which won the Annual Visual Arts Award of the 9th Taishin Visual Arts Award.
2012 “Dwelling Place?! Eattopia:” combined the first two Taiwan International Video Art Exhibitions and toured to the Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts and various colleges and universities.
2014 Collaborated with the Beitou Culture Foundation to launch a community engagement art project.
2014 Won the 18th Taipei Culture Awards.
2016 Held artist Hsu Chia-Wei’s solo exhibition “Huai Mo Village” which won the Grand Prize of the 15th Taishin Arts Awards.
2019 Held artist Chen I-Hsuen’s solo exhibition “Commissioned” which won the Visual Arts Award of the 18th Taishin Visual Arts Awards.
2020 Collaborated with the Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-LAB) to present the 7th Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition “ANIMA” for the first time in a dual exhibition space formats.
2021 Mr. Andrew Chew, the founder of Hong-Gah Museum, was awarded the Taiwanese Cultural Collaboration Medal by the Ministry of Culture.
2022 Held “The Ocean and the interpreters” curated by Takamori Nobuo which won the Visual Arts Award of the 21th Taishin Visual Arts Awards.