Woven Streams – Sun Yi-Hua Solo Exhibition

Artist Sun Yi-Hua is currently professor of the Department of Fine Arts, National Taiwan Normal University. With primeval wooden materials of Taiwan that have been carbonized as the foundation, Sun Yi-Hua fuses the wooden material, ink, acrylic, and natural mineral pigments into a glistening, reserved, subtle visual perception. Through ink, composite materials, and new media, the artist manifests the re-thinking of time/era like rock formations, attempting to uncover new possibilities of the mediums themselves. On that instant, form is content, and vice versa. On the other hand, with tender elements like waves, flower, wings, and jellyfish, Sun constructs and derives symbolic imageries or propagates, simplifies, or recreates spaces of poetic pleasure/nature, and ultimately reveals the feminine narrative of her own. The interpretation of female life experience and the multiple referent symbols are not merely the monologue of one’s mental imagery, but an inquiry into the meaning of life. Be that common blossom or drifting bloom, Sun Yi-Hua investigates the profoundest mystery in life and the capricious nature thereof via the feminine, serene, subtle attributes of the oriental aesthetics as well as symbolic methods of implication and metaphor.
Dates: 2020.05.23-06.07