White Peacock

Embroidery: Suzhou Embroidery Research Institute
Time: 1993
Dimension: 123.5×61.5 cm
In contrast to the vibrant dynamics of Xiang Embroidery, the works of Su Embroidery come with a sense of elegant antiquity. On the smoke-hued base cloth, a peacock gracefully perches over the corner of a red rock. It is smoothly white in feather and solitarily unsullied in posture. While the peacock looks back, its long white tail of feathers stands out vividly from the background of the red rock.
The works was produced with over ten new techniques dynamically, including the Straight Stitch in the Straight Stitch Variation, Block Shading Stitch, Flat Trocar, Loose Trocar, Long and Short Stitch, Thickening Stitch as well as the Split Stitch and Back Stitch in the Striped Embroidery, so as to produce a white peacock with its feather light and splendid, airy yet orderly, while in the transparent parts of which the red rock beneath subtly reveals.