Two Geese in An Autumn Lotus Pond

Original: Two Geese in An Autumn Lotus Pond
Design: HUANG Cui-Feng
Embroidery: Xiang Embroidery
Time: Unknown
Dimension: 91×88.2 cm
Two Geese in An Autumn Lotus Pond is antique innovation by HUANG Cui-Feng, the Master of Chinese Arts and Crafts. The remnant lotus seedpods in the pond denote the advent of autumn, while the interaction of two geese ushers in a rich vibrancy to the serene pond. To create the texture of antique painting, “antique finish paper” was selected as the base for embroidery that naturally exhibits a brownish texture. However, compared to the tenderness of fabric as the base cloth for embroidery, the different texture of the paper base doubled the difficulty for the embroidery artisans at work. Should they fail to notice the force in needlework, they might have accidently bled their fingers, making the embroidering even harder and challenging as the result. As such, this exquisite masterpiece hard to replicate was born.