THROUGH WHITE – A Solo Exhibition by Heinrich WANG

The bright color of white represents a beginning of an out of space journey full of possibilities.Artist Heinrich Wang creates beautiful, dignified, and elegant porcelain art works with the texture of pure whiteness.
Heinrich Wang, an established artist of contemporary glass and porcelain art in Greater China, founded “NewChi Contemporary Porcelain” in 2003, with a mission to revive the great Chinese porcelain craftsmanship and tradition. 2018 marks the 15th anniversary of the brand.
Foresight is his latest series of art works. The art works demonstrate his attitude toward art – a vessel that looks back from history and moves forward into the future.
Mr. Wang distinguishes his works in terms of cultural reference, styles, materials, and intricate craftsmanship. After five years of development, he overcoming the physical characteristics of the porcelain, the 15% shrinkage and deformation during firing with his technical mastery. Heinrich Wang works represent a unique style that transcends global fashion boundaries. Heinrich’s revolution craftsmanship redefine the meaning of “extraordinary” porcelain from being just “classical, gorgeous, elegant” to reflecting the qualities contemporary porcelains should possess- the confidence of a new century, the image of modernity, and the spirit of a culture.
Viewing “the modernization of Chinese aesthetics” as his statement, Heinrich has created the popular pure white china that will inevitably inspire and set a new standard for the art community.
Dates: 2018.05.06-07.01