Three Puppies

Original: Photograph
Instructor: GU Wen-Xia
Embroidery: YU Fu-Zhen
Time: 1986
Dimension: 38×51 cm
Three Puppies is a fine piece of Single-sided Embroidery. To one’s surprise is that the work vividly represents the sense of light and the depth of space via the traditional embroidery techniques. The embroidery artisan GU Wen-Xia is known for her cat embroidery, while her protégé YU Fu-Zhen learned the essence and went above by a notch in subject-matters of cats and dogs. Mentored and collaborating with the master, Yu fostered the tender sense via the arc of the Outline Stitch and the lifelike motion of puppies via the Thickening Stitch. The fur of the puppies is fluffy and curly; the eyes are zippy; the expressions are genuine. Several feet of the puppies are blurred to create a sense of motion ingeniously. With the dark black background and the dark green meadow in the foreground, these puppies stand out vividly with their yellowish white hues.