The Oceans and the Interpreters-Interpreters’ Screening: The Deep City

The Oceans and the Interpreters”, are the series projects, started from 2020, which focus on “the global south”. “The Oceans and the Interpreters” across various forms, include exhibition, residency, research, screening and writing, which aim to rethink the global perspective of the South. “The Interpreters”, by Nigerian writer Wole Soyinka, depicted the oversea students from different backgrounds, and how they interact with their new founded federal state after they returned home. The novel shows us how these characters deal with their internal conflict, between the globalized newly view point and childhood memories.
The Deep City”, as the screening project of “The Oceans and the Interpreters”, invited Video Art Network Lagos (VAN Lagos), Nigeria, as our curatorial co-organizer. The 3 curators: Jude Anogwih, Oyinda Fakeye, and Nobuo Takamori, invited 10 African artists, mainly Nigerian, and 8 Asian artists for participate this program. 21 works will be representing during 3 different phases. The giant, confused, deep, and unpredictable cities, as visual landscape of “the global south”, for respond it, the works of “The Deep City” will explore noisy sounds, ruins, crowd, litters, and the civilizations of the cities. These elements will be composed together as a unique fantasy, and re-interpreting the inter-continental visual language.
Organizers: Hong-Gah Museum, Chew’s Culture Foundation, Video Art Network Lagos
Sponsors: National Culture & Arts Foundation, Tung Ho Steel Enterprise Corp.
Phase One: 2020.04.18-05.15
Phase Two: 2020.05.16-06.12
Phase Three: 2020.06.13-07.12
Curators: Jude Anogwih, Oyinda Fakeye, Takamori Nobuo