The Kiss

Original: Francesco Hayez (Italy)
Embroidery: Suzhou Embroidery Research Institute
Time: 1995
Dimension: 87×66 cm
As the Italian painter Hayez created this painting in 1859, the Second Italian War of Independence broke out. Italy was supported by the French army then. Therefore, the painter fused the colors red, blue, and white in the French flag in the clothing of the man and woman in the painting, inserting an obscure political implication into the romantic scene.
The slight raised leg of the man suggests the imminent parting with his lover, while the sword hilt over the waist implies that he is about to join the war. The woman’s tearful face and her left hand holding firmly denotes her deep reluctance. The curving silhouette formed by the woman’s upper body that leans back and her waist together constitute a dramatic lighting effect. The silk threads with sheen were utilized in the embroidery, which is especially suitable to present the texture of the satin garments. Hence, the work naturally exhibits the layers and depth of oil paints that takes viewers’ breath away.