The Epang Palace

Embroidery: Unknown
Time: Unknown
Dimension: 13×34×30.5 cm
The Epang Palace was one of the most known palaces of the Qin Dynasty. This work depicts the image of the Epang Palace as a scene of a huge complex of palaces over the limited embroidery piece.
On the terrace and in front of the formation, there stands a figure wearing a crown gazing afar, surrounded by white cranes. Embraced by white clouds and cuddled by lush pines beneath, it is like a heavenly realm. The airy garments of the maids and the marching musicians playing music with instruments in hands introduce a sense of vibrancy for this heaven on earth. All these details are embroidered vividly onto this small piece, manifesting the paramount craftsmanship and artistry of Subtle Embroidery.