Tangs Play Polo

Embroidery: Hunan Embroidery Research Institute
Time: 1998
Dimension: 115×88 cm
Playing polo used to be an entertaining sport for the upper nobility in the Tang Dynasty. The embroidery screens are composed of three panels. For the two horses in the central panel, the upper one tilts its head high, neighing, as if it is galloping into the air, while the bottom one lowers its head, standing still. The left and right panels are embroidered with one horse respectively to draw the centrifugal force outwardly back to the image.
In terms of modeling, the shapes of the figures are stretched to create a flowing rhythm. Their garments exhibit various patterns and textures, while the accessories and streamers are fused with the galloping horses and flowing clouds as one, echoing with each other to highlight the overall rhythm.
The galloping horses are shaped like 2D papercuts. The four horses were woven with six to eight threads intertwined to form the large grided patterns. Then, the Straight Stitch Variation was utilized to embroider the airy outlines, and the French Knot was used for the saddles to bestow a fluffy sense.