Stitching Stories, Weaving Warmth — A Fabric Play Participatory Art Project

Playing with fabric, and beyond
Bonded since their first met in 1998, the sisterhood has journeyed a long way with the share of their love in playing with fabric. Through early arrangements by the Awakening Foundation, and guides from contemporary artists such as Wu Mali and others, they took a step further from fabric play to creating artworks, putting on and showcasing their works in carnivals, as well as holding exhibitions and becoming lecturers in community colleges. Playing with fabric has opened the door for these women to worlds beyond their family lives, where their life stories resonated with each other, bringing these women together to create and go further.
Tender yet Tenacious
While playing and creating fabric works, the artists started to look back at the many stages of their lives — may it be someone else’s daughters, wives, daughters-in-law, mothers, grandmothers etc., realizing that taking up these different roles had granted them tenderness and tenaciousness. Telling, listening, and sharing each other’s stories, they empathetically connected with each other, and thus establishing intimate relationship of the sisterhood. Creating artworks has not only brought enjoyment and satisfaction, but also the chance to express and voice.
Fabric Play Thursdays
Thursdays were the days which the sisterhood most looked forward to when they gathered and played together. The making of this exhibition had perpetuated the gist. Through weekly gatherings, the artists recollected, cheered, and discussed the themes and the exhibiting of their different period works, putting effort into the portrayal of women’s life courses. Moreover, serving as a collective platform, the exhibition intends to engage local audiences in conversations via the outreach activity Sisterhood’s Room Services, seeking the possibilities of what community art could do in community development.
Curator:Aggie Tseng Yun-Chieh
Artists:Chen Chiung-Gu, Chen Rou-Wen, Huang Shu-Fang, Kao Bi-Shia, Kao Bi-Yue, Kao Yin-Yue, Lin Wen-Yi, Liu Wei-Hsin, Peng Tsuei-Feng, Su Ru-Yi, Lai Li-Hua, Liang Li-Yu, Yang Feng-Ling, Yan Hua, Wen Rou-Yan, Yang Luan
Date:2016.04.16 – 2016.05.08
Opening:2016.04.16 15:00