Showing Stories: Images on Chinese Modern Embroidery

Established for over two decades, Hong-gah Museum has been a cradle for many creators of the contemporary art in Taiwan through its collection and exhibition. The founder, Mr. Andrew CHEW, has collected a variety of mediums throughout his forty years collection history, among which there is a rare category, the Chinese modern embroidery developed from 1950 to 1990. Embroidery has come a long way in history. The modern embroidery, nevertheless, displays techniques and artistry beyond its predecessor thanks to the catalysts of technological advancement and political environment of the times. In 2021, Hong-gah Museum presents once again its embroidery collection with “Showing Stories: Images on Chinese Modern Embroidery.” Visitors can learn about the development of the modern Chinese embroidery through its essence. Meanwhile, through descriptions of the image contents, we shall jointly contemplate over the social ambiances of the times of the works created. During exhibition, there will be online show, creators shops, workshops and many interesting events, please follow us for the latest information.
*According to Taiwan CDC’s COVID-19 regulations, the exhibition allows upmost 50 audiences at one time, audiences will have to follow the indication of on-site staff.
**The exhibition opening hours might change due to pandemic regulations, please follow us for the latest announcement.
Dates: 2021.09.25-2022.01.23
⦁ Price: Regular Ticket 100 NTD
*Concession Ticket 50 NTD
*For concession ticket please show your referential document upon entrance.
-Children under 7 years old.
-Senior Citizen over 65 years old.
-Physically or mentally handicapped audience and one accompany.
-Beitou local resident