Selamat, the messenger over the sea. Lin Yi-Chi Solo Exhibition

Hong-gah museum is pleased to present Selamat, the messenger over the sea, the brand new project-based solo exhibition of artist Lin, Yi-Chi. Lin’s family moved from Kinmen to Taiwan decades ago. In the early years, many Kinmenese would travel to Southeast Asia to search for job opportunities. Such decision left them no choice but to move away from home and put down roots in another country for good. Acting as a messenger, Lin visited the illegible addresses on the family letters, and was led to the Bangka Island of Indonesia and Singapore. Along with her family’s trans-island migration in Southeast Asia, the bloodline becomes a connector that transcends beyond geography, with countless family letters serving as carrier containing the Kinmenese diaspora’s memories. This project is a portrayal of the forgotten history in migration, and seeks to incorporate magical realism film’s features into the history-oriented context.
Dates: 2020.07.25-09.13
Curator: Zoe Yeh