Praise unto the Vietnamese’ Fight against Americans

Embroidery: Hunan Embroidery Factory
Time: 1965
Dimension: 79.8×62 cm
The original work is a fighting poster rich in the sense of the times that was produced roughly before the Cultural Revolution in China, when Vietnam was at war with the U.S. The Vietnamese soldier in the foreground is about to throw a grenade, while the woman at the back holds a gun and the maiden a crossbow. Each of them is lean and sharp in shape and in gaze, reflecting the scene of all people as solders. China, as a communist state like Vietnam, was against the invasion of the American’s imperialism. Consequently, this piece became a subject-matter for embroidery for the purpose of political propaganda.
In order to preserve the essence of the original work, the artisan sought a rugged, contrasting style instead of delicate counterpart. The work was produced with the Straight Stitch, the Long and Short Stitch, and the Twisted Stitch. It is varied and vivid in hues while the facial expressions and hands of figures are portrayed faithfully. Few embroideries of such survived. This work is one of the surviving embroideries of the times, rich in historical value.weapon – pen – even in his sickbed. Meanwhile, details like the background were introduced to enhance the credibility of the image, as if he had seen the firm, sharp demeanor of the writer.
The work was produced with the Straight Stitch, Padded Satin Stitch, and Voiding Stitch, vividly presenting the weight of oil paint and a sense of space. The thin threads of the Padded Satin Stitch outline Lu’s slight frown and sharp gaze as well as his slim yet tough hands, while the Meng Stitch subtly depicts the mottled wall. Such masterpiece of embroidery showcases the highly matured painting artistry and appreciation of the embroidery artisan and the painting mentor.