Moon Gazing

Embroidery: Xiang Embroidery
Time: 1990
Dimension: 57×35cm
Li Bai’s poem Lament on the Jade Steps: White dew emerges on the jade steps, / Soaking through my gauze socks late at night. / Crystal screens are rolled down, / As I gaze through at the autumn moon bright, inspired this work Moon Gazing. The translucent, aquamarine terylene is employed as the shell fabric for the cool tone of the silk that perfectly implies the desolate melancholy of the lady at autumn night. Silk threads are stitched horizontally in equal distance on the surface to form the crystal screen in the poem.
n one side of the embroidery piece, there stands a lady with her hair pulled back in a bun in solitude. Through the airy crystal screen, she gazes at the bright moon high in the sky melancholically. On the other side, the full moon turns into a gourd. The fair lady’s tristful face reveals subtly behind the crystal screen, from which one can appreciate the wistful yearning of the lady for the one she desires yet absent.