Lyrics of Yi An

Design: HUANG Cui-Feng
Embroidery: RAO Bi-You
Time: 1989
Dimension: 97×35×100 cm
Lyrics of Yi An was inspired by the lines of LI Qing Zhao composed for the Tune “Like A Dream”: Last night it was strong the wind and the rain. / The sound sleep dispelled the wine taste in vain. / I asked the maid rolling up the screen. / She replied, “the same crab-apple tree was seen.”/ Don’t you know? O, don’t you know? / It must be green to grow and red to go. It expresses the mood of the poet’s mood of commiseration via a novel, exquisite discourse.
On one side of the embroidery piece, it is the scene of the poet asking the maid while the maid replies leaning against the window. On the other, it was an outdoor scene with lush green and withering red under the decorated roof. The leaning maid can be seen through the window. The designer arranged the maid and the window as rotatable images (facing indoor and back against the outdoors), animating the static image originally, to match with the scene of conversation. The “Double-sided Disparate” thus becomes “Multi-sided Disparate,” exhibiting a series of flowing images and manifesting the leapfrog of the plastic art of craftsmanship beyond time.