I Could, what if- Yang Ping Solo Exhibition

YANG Ping, also named YP by himself, was born in 1965. He started out learning seal carving and calligraphy from Mr. WANG Bei-Yue before becoming a pupil to the renown painter LEE Yih-Hong. Afterwards, he has delved into the art of calligraphy, seal carving, and ink wash painting for more than 2 decades.
The dialectics between the tradition and innovation strings up as the axis of Yang’s art practices. “Should an ancient text be the Chinese herbal enhancer for a treasure hunt, imagination would be the elixir for treasure creation,” Yang once said. Hence, he dares to surmount the high walls of classics while to deploy step by step an independent, innovative representative thinking and modern lexicon.
Pursuant to the artist’s idea of modernizing the art of calligraphy, YANG Ping presents works of calligraphy, ink washing painting, and seal engraving in this exhibition for us to bear witness of his endeavors in self-challenge and creative journey in recent years.
Dates: 2020.04.25-05.10
Artist: Yang Ping
Curator: Rita Chang