Hong-Gah Museum Spring Collection 2024

Founder of Hong-gah Museum, Mr. Andrew Chew, embarked on his path of collecting art, primarily in ink painting and embroidery since the 1980s. Following the museum’s establishment in 1999, Mr. Chew displayed his collections and rotated its exhibitions regularly to captivate the audience.
In the year 2024, the museum presents its first exhibition of the spring, centered around the theme of “dragons” in celebration of the Year of the Dragon. The showcase features a large-scale embroidery piece titled “Dragon Pattern Hanging Scroll.” Within auspicious clouds, a soaring and spiraling golden dragon is embroidered using couched goldwork embroidery techniques, edged with patterns of tides and water ripples. The entire surface is covered with a dense network of patterns, meticulously provoking impressive dynamics of crashing waves, while the glistening golden thread outshines its excellence and elegance.
Following is the “Double Dragon Screen” featuring “Kesi” technique, which depicts two dragons playing with pearls on a clear yellow background, featuring soaring golden dragons, blood-red clouds, and azure surging waves, forming a lively scene. Peacock feathers with their natural vibrant colors were subtly incorporated during the weaving process, enhancing the richness of the composition. Lastly, there is a replica of the Qing Dynasty imperial robe meticulously reproduced by Gu Wenxia’s studio in Suzhou. The robe is an exact handmade replication of the Emperor’s dragon robe, showcasing an astonishing level of detail and accuracy.
Through this dragon-themed exhibit in early spring, Hong-gah Museum extends its wishes for a peaceful and prosperous year filled with luck and happiness to the audience.
Venue|Hong-Gah Museum