Golden Fish

Design: HUANG Cui-Feng
Embroidery: RAO Bi-You
Time: 1994
Dimension: 81×34×117 cm
A large whitespace is preserved on the surface to represent water, while the waterweed at the corner dances to the wave subtly. The two golden fish in the water are produced with energy in their eyes, scales true to life, and tails that are translucent, tenderly dynamic. Thread splitting is a fundamental element in the embroidery process. It is to split one thread into several ones by nails in line with the needs in the embroidery production. One thread can be split into thirty-two or even sixty-four threads, from as thick as a human hair to as thin as a spider silk. With one-fortieth of a thread, or a fine thread in a diameter less than 0.1 cm, the work was produced with meticulous textures of moving fishtails in the water, bestowing a refreshing sense of coolness upon spectators with the elegant image.