Girl and Dog

Embroidery: Pan Jianying Embroidery Studio
Time: Unknown
Dimension: 29×42 cm
The embroidery artisan LU Jianying learned the art since childhood and was able to embroider cat at as early as 13 years old. Thus, Lu established Lu Jianying Embroidery Studio in Suzhou at a rather young age as her personal studio, which was renamed as Pan Jianying Embroidery Studio after marriage.
The girl in the picture holds a puppy in her arms. The breeze gently caresses her hair that reveals her chubby face. She kisses the puppy, manifesting vividly her affection. The original work was a photographic work. The artisan had to break down the elements in the photograph and the distinctive effect of light and shade before she could produce a sketch on the embroidery cloth, followed by representation with embroidery techniques. Either the contrast of light and shade or the texture of the figure and the animal was represented true to life.