Foreigners in Beitou by IMCCI of TNUA

The International Master of the Arts Program in Cultural and Creative Industries at the Taipei National University of the Arts comprises international students from around the world. Immersed in an environment of different languages and cultures, students attempted to learn about Beitou via their observation and understanding. Supported by Ministry of Education’s USR (University Social Responsibility) project of TNUA, IMCCI hosts a series of field researches for students. With the assistance of a choreographer, they combined their own cultures with contents full of Taiwanese features and present it in the form of performance art. As a choreographer of the younger generation, Sean HSU, was especially invited as instructor. The work of Hsu combines various forms such as dance, ballet, modern, and performance art, presenting a poetic dance with a smooth narrative.
Date: 2020.03.21