Embroidery of The Kiss by Gustav Klimt

Original: Gustav Klimt (Austria)
Embroidery: Hunan Embroidery Research Institute
Time: 1990
Dimension: 57×33.5 cm
The Kiss (Der Kuss in German) is the representative work of Gustav Klimt. On a tender meadow, a woman leans against a man. The man gently holds the woman’s face in his hands, whereas the woman locks his neck with her right hand. Amidst the golden hue, the two figures appear as one. Nonetheless, the artist portrays the man’s clothing with vertical angles of masculinity, while the woman’s garment is ornamented with round shapes and colorful flowers.
The meadow, the background, and the clothing patterns were embroidered with an array of colors, in vivid yet subtle contrast to the relatively independent, softened faces of the figures in the upper part of the work. Furthermore, in terms of colors, the artisan used the gold color, the favorite of Klimt, in the embroidery. Also, a light green was applied overall to transform the luxurious extravagance of the work into simple, delightful green. With that, it further caters to people’s aesthetic requirement to a certain extent.