Embroidery of Putti by Raffaello Sanzio

Original: Raffaello Sanzio
Embroidery: Su Embroidery
Time: 1990s
Dimension: 62×82.5 cm
The embroidery work is derived from the partial image of Sistine Madonna, the most famous work of Raffaello Sanzio, one of the trinity of great masters of the High Renaissance. Sistine Madonna is an altarpiece of the Madonna. In the image, the Madonna walks out from clouds with Christ Child in her arms, accompanied by two saints, male and female, on either side, while two putti looking up from beneath. The work is solemnly balanced in composition with handsome figures, embodying the great spirit of maternal love and universal love for mankind. Such was the zeitgeist of the Renaissance.
The embroidery work took the two putti in the bottom and recomposed them as the focus. Beneath the light brownish clouds are two winged, chubby, childlike putti. Looking up with their two pairs of eyes with one resting on his elbow and the other crossing his arms, the two putti are innocently adorable. The artisan employed the traditional Straight Stitch and Long and Short Stitch to foster the gradient effect. The brownish hues are managed just right. Altogether, it represents the paragon of classicism in the original work.