Embroidery of Hou-Hsi Tseng’s Night Banquet

Original: TSENG Hou-Hsi
Embroidery: Lu Jianying Embroidery Studio, Suzhou
Time: 1995
Dimension: 80×147 cm
It is a painting recreated by TSENG Hou-Hsi with the inspiration from the horizontal scroll Night Revels of Han Xizai. The scene was lavishly rapturous. With dozens of court musicians, the host, and the guests singing or dancing, drinking or playing, reveling or tipsy, the figures hang around merrily on the banquet, exhibiting the marvelous techniques in figure portrayal and composition.
The embroidery studio employed various stitch techniques of Su Embroidery to manage the figures and the landscape, such as the Flat Trocar, Loose Trocar, Straight Stitch, Black Shading Stitch, Long and Short Stitch, and Back Stitch, delicately and faithfully capturing the spirit of the original work. It took four and half years and multiple embroidery artisans to produce this embroidery work. The work appears seamlessly smooth and flawless. Gazing at the work, it is as if the tune lingers at your ears. Under the light, the sheen given off from the silk threads communicate better the sense of splendid luxury than the original work.