Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains

Original: HUANG Gongwang (Yuan Dynasty)
Embroidery: Wanzhen Embroidery Workshop
Time: 2005-2010
Dimension: 25×1247 cm
Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains is the most prominent work of HUANG Gongwang’s legacy. The painting was burned in the early Qing Dynasty before being saved. The front section of 51 cm after separation is kept by the Zhejiang Provincial Museum, namely The Remaining Mountain. The latter part with the name of the Master Wuyong in the inscription, referred to as The Master Wuyong Scroll. The Master Wuyong Scroll is pieced together with six pieces of paper in a length of over six meters in total, with the first piece left with traces of repair work, which is kept by the National Palace Museum in Taipei.
The embroidery workshop presented The Remaining Mountain in the front section and The Master Wuyong Scroll in the latter section altogether in a long scroll, subtly fulfilling the ideal of piecing up the whole landscape. In particular, the texturing in the ink wash painting techniques for mountain rocks is represented in needlework, artfully presenting a marvelous masterpiece.