Drawing Beitou, Sketch Works of Taipei Municipal Fuxing Senior High School

Sketching is to rapidly capture a landscape, depicting the contours before the eyes promptly without details or texture. Sketching not only expresses the temperament and character of the painter, but also puts the impression as well as emotion the picture presents as a whole at its core. Fuxing High School, situated locally in Beitou, aims to cultivate well-rounded students, and opens various art courses fused with local culture. Led by teachers Tsu-Ling LIN and Linag-Chih KO, Drawing Beitou stresses on the observation toward the everyday landscape of Beitou in class, and explores with sketching the surroundings in life, so as to develop students’ potential in image recording while training their painting techniques as such. Amidst the creation process, the students also accumulate deeper knowledge of and grow a stronger sense of belonging toward Beitou.
In this exhibition, Hong-gah Museum invites participating artists to submit series of works, in which the visitors may see the diverse faces of Beitou in the characteristic pictures and strokes of teachers and students alike. Each artwork is the embodiment of the Beitou in artists’ minds respectively, recounting stories in variety. Through these sketches, the landscape of culture unique to Beitou is thus aggregated for our visitors to appreciate the day-to-day life in Beitou.
Location:minor gallery
Opening:2017.04.08 13:00