Disco in the Museum—— I’ll take (A).

The view is as it always was. The moment when B woke up in the morning, his throat made a sound. The sound might be the ghost in his mind. The sound traveled faster than what he could see, so the moment he opened his eyes, there was no ghost.
B grabbed C’s hair in the dark. He’s the ghost you’re looking for. Don’t let it go. C once thought that he had removed the redundancies. He then became a redundancy as well. As he posed as a graceful and fearless person, he was in fact shrinking on the inside. B looks at him as if he were a lengthy movie filled with slogans, struggling to find its closure. B finds it amusing and hilarious. If only we knew how to smile wryly to ourselves without a mirror.
One day, B went to a city by the sea, planning to stay there for a week. He wanted to be in a city by the sea, and sit watching little fish in the creek swimming at ease. He booked a little hotel with small rooms. He thought of staying for 4 or 5 nights instead of going to other cities. He checked himself into the small room at the little hotel. The next day, he booked another hotel nearby with a larger room and a larger lobby. He did not cancel the room at the little hotel. Therefore, starting from the second day, he had two lodgings at different locations, yet they were not far from each other. He woke up in the little hotel’s room before taking a shower. He dined at the little hotel for breakfast. Then, bringing along his laptop and a couple of books, he wandered to the larger hotel. On the morning of day 4, he had breakfast at the little hotel as usual. He woke up late that day, so he went to have breakfast first. He was not hungry. He did so just to have a little more routine in his life. He finished his breakfast, and put the utensils and bowls on the recycle rack. He touched where his wallet was in his back pocket subconsciously. Then, he went to the counter and took out his keycard to check out. Both his luggage and his passport still remained in the room. Perhaps the keycard of the other hotel was there as well. The reception staff did not see him carrying any bag or luggage. Feeling puzzled, they did not ask him about it, nevertheless. Then, he left the little hotel, without taking a shower that morning.
Lee Kit
Born in 1978, now living and working in Taipei.
LEE Kit drew or wrote on cloth, cardboards, and walls; produced readymade objects; shot video as well; and perhaps even created works of other mediums. When appreciating the works of Lee, you immerse yourself in the exhibition for a while and let the projection light pass through your body, and gradually space out. Capturing the ambiguity of utmost clarity amidst the formation of everything is likely a great thing. He needs to maintain a delicate attitude in the days leading up to the exhibition’s opening, including getting up and opening his eyes and even entering the venue to set up the exhibition. After all, it is just a small thing. In recent years, Lee Kit organized solo exhibitions in several places as well, including Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts in Taipei, Taiwan (2022), West Den Haag in Hague, Netherlands (2021), Art Sonje Center in Seoul, Korea (2019), Hara Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo, Japan (2018), TheCube Project Space in Taipei, Taiwan (2017), Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, USA (2016), and so on. He also held joint exhibitions with other artists at the Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab in Taipei (2020), Para Site in Hong Kong (2019), among others.
About Disco in the Museum
Hong-Gah Museum presents its community engagement art project in spring each year. After 3 years of Arts together in Beitou and 5 years of Beitou Local Collecting Project, the museum invited local residents to join the creative projects of artists, and established a social network with the locals. This year, for community engagement, the museum will present brand new content with the Disco in the Museum project. The word “Disco” in the title is taken from the word “discover,” and aims to invite people to explore and discover the diverse possibilities within the museum. Through the joyful and lively atmosphere conveyed with the word disco, we hope to foster the spirit of sharing and exchange in the museum. For the first year of Disco in the Museum, the project host, Lee Kit, was invited to create a contextual exhibition under the title “I’ll take (A)”. During the exhibition, several workshops surrounding the question “How do we guide a tour?” will take place and invite visitors to freely interpret the exhibition and create their own “exhibition guide”, finding clues to art interpretation through open display and communication.
Organizer: Chew’s Culture Foundation Hong-Gah Museum
Projectors exclusively sponsored by Optoma
Installation Support: Chen Hao-Lun , Tsai Chih-Chi, Lai Chin-Chih
Special Thanks To: NTUA Department of Sculpture, NYMCYU College of Humanity and Social Science, Shi-pai Elementary School Senior Academy
Dates|2023.02.17 – 04.09
Host|Lee Kit