Chime Dance in the Warring States Period

Embroidery: Hunan
Embroidery Research Institute
Time: 1998
Dimension: 115×88 cm
Chime Dance in the Warring States Period is composed of three-panel embroideries of seven dancers. The central panel comprises one lead dancer and two supporting dancers. The left and right panels present two dancers respectively, amplifying the dance dynamic via the formal symmetry. The three panels can be rearranged at will for different compositions, rendering a never-ending momentum.
The musicians were embroidered in the substantial French Knot. The appearances of the figures were inspired by the Dunhuang Frescoes, Han Dynasty Portrait Stones, and Hubei Modern Bell Chime Dance. The ethereal dance movements and the flowing streamers showcase the dynamic rhythm. The chimes and the musical instruments were represented in the Couching Stitch, similar to the gold and silver inlay of Han Dynasty. On top of the red background, there are black nude women in warm, pure red dancing garments with yellow and white streamers, giving off a sense of lavishly luxury.