Cat’s Reflection

Embroidery: Gu Wen-Xia Studio, Suzhou
Time: 1990s
Dimension: 17×37×49 cm
Su Embroidery are produced in a variety of subject-matters, including flowers, animals, figures, mountains and streams, and calligraphy, among which the cat embroidery is the most prominent one. GU Wen-Xia specialized in the techniques of cat embroidery, producing cats with lifelike expressions. Over twenty threads were used for the cat eyes, producing the glass-ball-like eyes faithfully. Gu founded that the additional embroidery of highlighted dots in the eyeballs can breathe life into them. The composition of Cat’s Reflection is arranged artfully. A mirror is added to present both the cat’s front and back. Since it is produced with the Double-Sided embroidery, the flipping of the embroidery screen renders an intriguing, dramatic tension derived from the sense of space.