Breath of Sensation Ⅱ—Solo Exhibition of HUANG, Wanling

The “Meisho-E” series began in 2016 as Huang, Wanling ponders the relationship between panorama perspective and the painting frame, constructing a non-linear perspective structure painting. Huang creates alternative spatial perception by attaching, collaging, or layering different material onto painting papers. In the “Meisho-E” series, the perspective starts from the central point and extends outwards without ending point. It’s a reflection to the multiple perspectives used in traditional Eastern painting, which follows the Painter’s moving viewpoint. Huang uses glue to describe the main structure of the painting, and then destroys it by tearing down the images, shedding lights to create shadows, rubbing the papers. Through staking up brush strokes and layers of images, she reproduces the landscape. By using this method, Huang wants to show that with the transformation of time and space, the landscapes and the objects above the ground may change, but the culture cultivated by the place will be inherited to decades.
Dates: 2020.06.13-06.28