Blooming Heart – TSENG Feng-Li’s Exhibition

Hong-Gah Museum and Taiwanese Yueqin Folk Song Association are both grassroots partners in Beitou. In 2016, Taiwan Yueqin Folk Song Festival has invited artist Ms. TSENG Feng-Li to paint brilliant landscapes on the humble Yueqins, and throws a Yueqin Painting Installation Exhibition at Beitou Hot Spring Museum, while Hong-Gah Museum exhibits the graphic works of Ms. TSENG simultaneously. Ms. TSENG Feng-Li (1930-), like the most Taiwanese traditional women, has devoted her entire life in nurturing her children and children’s children. And, like many grandmas do, she nags and worries, and is a loyal fan for Taiwanese TV series. As her children grew up and left home one after another, her energy faded away with them. She was further depressed by injuring her right arm due to a fall at a midnight years ago. For regaining her pleasure in life, her children encouraged her to pick up brushes and paint. Perhaps it is in her nature, Ms.TSENG paints better and better. Now there are even traveling exhibitions of her works, which rejuvenises her advanced life. Her artworks put audience in a field with gentle breeze, seeing lovely birds perching on branches or in between flowers; some chirp while other chatter. She employs bright, vivid colors and child-like touch to bring life to the flowers, birds, and butterflies in her works as if they were to fly out, and from which radiates the splendor within her. American female artist Anna Mary Robertson MOSES, a model of self-taught, late bloomer, once said, “Do what you like to do; God will open the door to success for you with delight, even when you are eighty.” Such statement is the best testimony of Feng-Li Tseng’s creation, as she is yet another courageous practitioner of “Never too late to start”.