Beitou Local Flavors Collecting Project

Hong-gah Museum has been devoting to the research of Beitou local community for several years. Through lectures of artists and scholars from different disciplinary, art projects based in Beitou, and collaborations with local institutions, the museum is hoping to discover Beitou through methods of the arts, and to propose new perspectives toward the place that we’ve known for long. In 2019, Hong-gah Museum presents “Beitou Local Flavors Collecting Project”, continuing the experimental spirit by adding senses of smell and taste. What would be possible when talking about the features of a place? Flavors, which contain our memories to a places and its people, might help us to form imaginations. Describing flavors through the arts can be challenging and inspiring at the same time, it can also remind us to pay more attention to the environment where we are. Join us to experience the unknown Beitou through flavors!
Dates: 2019.02.23-04.21
Artists: Datun Elementary School, Fine Art Class of Zhung-Zheng Senior High School, Shi-Pai Elementary School Senior Academy, Cheng Jen-Pei, Chen Hsiang-Jung, Kao Ya-ting, Zo Lin- Weed Day, Yanzhi
Curator: Zoe Yeh