AUDIO-DOCS: Sharing Stories Through Sound by Yannick Dauby + Felix Blume x TIDF

Some sounds contain words, some sounds don’t but still mean something, some other sounds are more physical experiences of time and space. The recordist explores and collects these sounds, then sometimes selects and reassembles them into an audio-documentary, relating a story or an event. Three audio works commissioned by TIDF 2018, created in the old streets, seashores and mountains of Taiwan by Nigel Brown, Yannick Dauby and Yen-Ting Hsu. And an audio-visual creation from Amazonia forest by Felix Blume.
HSU Yen-ting|Taiwan|2018|CD|13’00”
On this island, we’re all people living by the ocean, from the aspects of geography, food, economic, entertainment…..etc. The island is a giant waterland. We eat living beings from the ocean, we get gather and fall in love by the ocean. Our happiness sparkles by the ocean. But whose wonderland has it been? Whose wonderland will it be? Ocean is beautiful, its sounds are beautiful. Ocean in different places has various characters and appearances. This time we don’t have to say more about it. We only listen to the ocean, and the words people living with the ocean.
Jiātíng Gōngchǎng
Nigel BROWN|Taiwan、Australia|2018|CD|12’00”
Jiātíng Gōngchǎng listens to the small-scale home factories found in the back-alleys of Tainan City. Machinery that retain s a connection to the human; its operator and its surroundings. Light industrial rhythms merge with the domestic sound of changing neighbourhoods.
Yannick DAUBY|Taiwan、France|2018|CD|15’00”
Cutting trees. For building a temporary shelter, or making an industry of its wood. Lying on the forest floor. Having a rest, or being born, and dying there. Entering the mountain. Like a holy ritual, or just opening a road as a conqueror. Listening to the voices of animals living in the forests, and to the words of people who relate to the forests and the mountains.
Date|11/30 Sat.-12/22 Sun.
Artists| Yen-Ting Hsu、 Nigel Brown、 Yannick Dauby、 Felix Blume
Special Screening|12/20 Fri. 18:00