Ascending Tiger & Descending Lion

Design: SHAO Chun-Lin
Embroidery: Hunan Embroidery Research Institute
Time: 1982
Dimension: 35 cm in diameter
The Double-sided Disparate Embroidery is to present different contents on both sides of the same embroidery piece respectively. Developed in 1980s, it was hailed as the “super embroidery.” The consistent contours were designed for both sides of this work in the drafting phase. With that and careful arrangement of objects, one side is embroidered with a tiger ascending to and looking down from the mountain rock with its mouth wide open, while the location for the tiger’s head is embroidered with pine branches on the other side to cover the existing image there. The ascending tiger and descending lion are inserted artfully on either side of the embroidery piece, bestowing an intriguing dynamic to the work that inspires awes and wonders.