Artscape Beitou: My Museum and I

Being a member of the Beitou neighborhood, Hong-gah Museum aims to incite social engagements and foster community identity. To this end, the museumhas always come up with creative participatory art projects through which connections and relationships could be woven. Since 2014, Hong-gah has partnered with Beitou elementary schools in arts educational programs, where children could learn and appreciate their community via the course of creating arts. This year, Hong-gah intends to integrate its iconic video art as an artful measure in creating the Artscape Beitou hand in hand with its community partners.
To be further acquainted with its neighbors, Hong-gah invites people all around the neighborhood to be a part of the Artscape by entering photographs of their residence façades, where pictures of Hong-gah and one another would be linked together, producing a visual documentation of the community street view. During the time, a 3-phase event will also be conducted to explore Beitou’s cultural landscape: having Tea Time Chats with elders whom have dwelt long in Beitou; learning through cooking in Specialty’s Served where community residents and shop owners get to know more of each other and one’s living;and stories collected aforementioned will be celebrated inLet the Feast Begin!where all could engage and interrelate, and continue to write the very community story of their own.
Throughout the process, conversations, stories telling, and communications between one another will be given emphasis. Artscape Beitou hopes to visualize the community not only through the visual presentation of building fronts, but also the relationship between the people and their community.
Process of the Artscape Beitou will be documented and presented on
Date:2015.09.01 – 2016.01.31