A Climate Fictionalism – Curators’ Incubator Program at Museum

In Taiwanese writer Wu Ming-yi’s islandish fantasy, “Man with the Compound Eyes”, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch demolished a prehistoric culture of Woenesia Island in the eastern waters of Taiwan. In the novel, the power of climate is described as a hybrid that through nature and civilization, meanwhile, it configures a picture of contemporary globalised society, floating above the ‘technology’ and ‘crisis’ — Island as a phantom of modernity.
The curatorial concept of “A Climate Fictionalism adopts an emerging terminology in popular literature, “climate fiction (cli-fi).” It refers to a sort of fiction that presents a contemporary reality of Dystopia—the present day, creating its heroic rescue stories through the natural disasters. Compared with the sci-fi’s futurism, “cli-fi” is a hypothesis based on the substantial and physical world; it focuses more on the social reality and also re-claims humanity by means of this metaphor of dystopia. It imagines the dramatic climate changes and environmental disasters as a chaoslike power that transcends the contemporary governmentality, deconstructing and reforming the already known experiences as well as the order of power.
By using this concept idea, the exhibition intends to point out a preliminary signifier of ‘the climatic’ in the modernity, understanding the contemporary world through the ‘climate’, or ‘climate imitating’, or grasping and depicting a mass of feelings in-between the Meteorology and Geology, as one of the methodologies of contemporaneity. The project presents itself as a “fiction sans narration”, and extends into both the empirical and theoretical ways.
Date:2015.03.21 – 2015.05.17