2023 Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition Open Call Starts Now!

The Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition (TIVA) organized by the Hong-gah Museum is scheduled to open at the end of 2023. The TIVA Open Call starts today, and will end on April 30, 2023. Throughout the fifteen years since the Hong-gah Museum launched the TIVA in 2008, each iteration has embodied a different approach to reconsider the definition and possibilities of video art creation. Today, the TIVA has become a vital hub of exchange for video art in Taiwan and from broad. The theme of each TIVA exhibition has reflected the times and mirrored real life, with the curatorial consciousness of each iteration attending to the state of people’s mind and social circumstances. In 2023, the exhibition theme of the upcoming 8th iteration is “care,” which aims to respond the social trauma in the aftermath of the pandemic that is in urgent need for mending and caring.
Unlike previous iterations, this time, the exhibition title remains undisclosed during the open call. Instead, the open call starts with three hints associated with three different aspects derived from the exhibition concept, providing submitters the thinking routes to approach and respond to the theme: the three hints are “hokutolite,” “denshousha (successor),” and “television.” Respectively, the imageries represent the subjects of care in three aspects – namely, the spatial-temporal scale, memory medium, and viewing habit – and guide us to ask: how should we care for the non-human, human, and image? The three keywords consider and explore the convoluted aspects and material basis of “care,” and initiate a preliminary dialogue between the TIVA and the artists to be featured in the exhibition.
Corresponding to the exhibition theme that aims to include non-anthropocentric thinking, the open call of this iteration will be in nine different languages used in regions on the Pacific Ring of Fire, including Māori, Malaysian, Filipino, Mandarin, Japanese, Russian, English, and Spanish. By doing so, language and geographic scale are viewed as “relations,” and the TIVA hopes to include a wider outreach to practice care. At the same time, the exhibition also aims to provide people from dissimilar cultures with a chance to care in a way that surpasses their own existence and interpretation, geological scale, and deep time.
The international open call will run through April 30, 2023, with study sessions and workshops being held around early 2023. With the various forms of participation and engagement, such as the exhibition theme, the method of the open call, the forms of work, and the exhibition production, it is hoped that the process could converge and practice multiple possibilities of care to serve as both a driving force behind the development of video and a pathway to actively reflect on the potential sustainability of video.
2023 Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition
Deadline for Entries|April 30, 2023 (GMT+8) 23:59
Organizer|Chew’s Culture Foundation Hong-Gah Museum