2015 Arts Together in Peitou

In 2014, joining the museum’s abundant resources of arts and the foundation’s pouring effort cultivating the local, Hong-Gah Museum and PeiTou Culture Foundation (PTCF) got together and initiated a community arts project, engaging 3 Peitou local elementary schools, i.e. Taipei Beitou Elementary School, Taipei Municipal Qingjiang Elementary School, Taipei Municipal Hushan Elementary School. While looking forward to a long-term partnership, this collaboration facilitated the forming of an arts learning network, encouraging the children in Peitou to explore and to learn of their own community, while using arts as a mean to give voice to the people and this community.
The “Process” is crucial in community arts. Children as artists were guided through the initial phase of thinking and planning for their artwork, and together they walked into the community for further observations and discovers, getting to know more of the place and earth they live on.
“Arts Together in Peitou” is not merely an exhibition of the final results and artworks of the project. It is also a place for community encountering and communicating. We hope to invite you to enter and experience the “Process” – the expeditions children gone through to create their work, the approaches and measures teachers took on to guide these artists, feelings and feedbacks of children throughout the project… – as well as the collaboratively created artworks of the children. Through this exhibition, we hope that together as a community, we could go on further.
Organizer| Hong-gah Museum with assistance by PeiTou Culture Foundation (PTCF)